Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finishing Up at the MTC

Sorry, that I do not update very frequently, I really don't have a whole lot of time for writing emails, and I tend to spend most of it sending actual emails.

Most of the real stories that I am excited to be able to tell haven't really begun to happen yet, because I spend most of my days inside in training classes. The MTC is great--there is AC here and our meals are prepared for us. I haven't experienced true African culture yet.  I am excited to get to work!
Here is a little history about the Church in Benin
Matthias Eguko joined the church in Nigeria in 1995, he relocated to Benin in 1997 to be a VP in an international school there. Once there, he realized that there was no church there, so he mailed church HQ to find any members that lived in Benin, and found Lincoln Dahl, an American working in the American Embassy who had been holding meetings in his living room with 2 other men.

Eguko quickly started meeting meeting with him, and soon learned that he was planning on returning home, and had been worrying about what would happen to the Church in Benin. Matthias than became the man in charge. They began meeting in his apartment, and slowly the group grew as he talked to more people about it (He knew little French, so this was difficult.) Soon they moved their meetings to the school where he was a VP, and they continued to grow. However, the church was still illegal in Benin, so no baptisms or official organizing could really be done. Matthias impressed government officials and signed the papers making the church legal in 2002. Quickly, the church sent missionaries and the church has been growing there ever since.
So excited to be apart of one of the fastest growing area in the world (West Africa)  and I can't wait to help write the next chapter of the Church's growth in Benin.
--Elder Walls

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