Saturday, April 25, 2015


Don't worry, I’m not going home, or in danger, or anything. I’m also not breaking any rules. In fact President has specifically asked me to make a visit to the cyber today so that I could make a report to him.

I had a pretty interesting night last night, definitely one that doesn’t happen to most people in our mission, and definitely one for the story books. I don’t really have much time to recount the whole story, but I can just send you a copy of my report to President because he asked me to do it in English.

Eric's report speaks of someone attempting to pick pocket him. Eric immediately felt what was happening, and attempted to put some space between him and the would be thief. In the process, Eric was pulled into the street and into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist. His face was struck by the motorcyclist's shoulder, and Eric's nose was bloodied. Other than his nose, he was OK. The man immediately ran off, and did not manage to steal anything. 

Pretty crazy eh? Again don’t worry, I’m fine, and he didn’t manage to steal anything from me. Please don’t try and contact the mission to complain or freak out at the mission. They know how to handle these situations very well. Also, I didn’t send this message to Mom, I figured it would only stress her out. If you feel like sharing, do so at your own discretion. Elections are this Sunday which is why we are having so many manifestations. Thanks to my experience last night, all the Missionaries get to spend their Sunday at home after church. I think I will try to relax and rest.

By the way, tell Mom I got my birthday package this morning when the Missionary couple came to visit. Thank you for everything, and also the sandals fit perfectly.

Love you all and will talk with you on Monday,
Elder Walls

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