Monday, February 23, 2015

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream--in Africa!!!


Great to hear from you guys! It is always hot, sweaty and crowded in the cyber, but its still a highlight of the week to get to hear from everyone. I would also like to apologize in advance--the space bar on my computer isn't working, so I am sure there will be several words that get bunched together.

This week we haven't had too many adventures, except for we did have a big rainstorm on Wednesday (rainy season is getting close). The storm went all morning and we lost power and water so we couldn't really cook. When it let up a little we decided to venture out to buy some pork. We got to the vender, but then the rain hit hard and we had to run back, through the rain, to the apartment. Everyone was along the sides of the road, under cover, shouting at us to get out of the rain. We made it back
soaked completely through, but the pork was good so it was worth it!

I finally got your package. As always I am enjoying it very, very much. Thank you! The snickers were melted, but we threw them in the freezer and they were fine. The thin mints didn't even melt!

We had Zone Conference in Cadjehoun (The nicest part of Cotonou) and instead of going straight back to the apartment we decided to make a pit stop at Erevan, the one decent supermarket in all of Benin. It is even nicer than Walmart. And walking in the store felt like walking into heaven. And joy! They happened to stock Ben and Jerry's ice cream, so of course, I had to indulge (I guess one pint every 6 months isn't too bad for your health! Coincidentally, since eating B & J's, I haven't had any more issues with diarrhea!)

In other news, we have a few baptisms coming up. Isaac will be this Saturday. He was one of our first amis upon arriving in the area. He has been a little hesitant with us, and fairly lukewarm with several commitments in the past. But in the past 2 weeks, he has really turned a 180. He will be baptized on Saturday. Then we have two other men his age (mid-twenties) who he should be baptized in the next two or three weeks. (I'm really hoping that I don't get transferred out!)

But anyways we're both excited. Barnes' training is coming to an end, and we might get split up next Monday. We'll see how this all works out--maybe they will keep us together a little longer. 

I love you all, and be assured that things are going well here.
Elder Walls

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