Monday, March 9, 2015

Semaine des Fetes (Week Celebrations)


It's great to hear from you all. I’m really glad that I'm able to email today. We’ve had some rain and the power just barely came back on. Hopefully it doesn’t cut out again.

I've had an interesting week, seeing as I was without a companion from Tuesday morning until just an hour or two ago when my new one, Marurai, arrived. I have been working with the other two companionships in the apartment the whole week mostly in their sector, but also a little in mine. It’s been interesting. I’ve seen some really good teaching techniques. I’ve learned lots, and have lots to consider. All in all though, it will be nice getting back to staying in my sector with one companion. I’m excited to teach with Marurai because I hear he is a good teacher.

I had another baptism on Saturday evening for my ami Ronald (21 year old student). It was probably the most bizarre baptismal service that we’ve had thus far. We arrived at the pool to find a party already in progress. Loud music, dancing, drinks, etc. Luckily we convinced them to stop the music for just long enough to the baptism, as soon as Ronald came out the water it started right back up, so we drove to the church to do some singing and pray to finish the service.

I’m currently helping a German polygamist make hotel reservations in Accra, I wouldn’t usually be so nice with my computer time but he seems pretty lost and can’t speak a lick of French. However, he is very good at describing in English how much he likes black girls. Hmm. He is monopolizing a lot of my time here--this email might be short. 

Also, another interesting story. There was a funeral party going on outside of our apartment all day on Sunday. We were in our little side yard, behind our gate, just talking with a few of the youth. I was showing them my drum that I bought. When suddenly we heard drumming and dancing coming from the other side of the fence so we decided to go out and drum with them a little. It made everyone’s’ night seeing a yovo (white guy) playing one of their drums and they offered us all beers, but we convinced him to just give us Cokes instead. We took the Cokes and danced our way back into our gate to celebrate our victory.

Work is going well, I hope to have more baptisms coming up soon.

By the way, I have a humongous virus on my SD card of photos. I will be sending it home so that the geek squad (or Andrew) can hopefully save my photos. I will start using another card in its place. Look for that in the mail. So, I probably won’t be sending many photos in the future.

All right, I love you all. I need to help this German man find a place to sleep tomorrow night. Have a good week, and save some of those blessings for me.

Elder Walls

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