Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Since we don’t get to call home and talk to you and wish you a Happy Father’s Day, I guess email is the next best option. I'm not sure why we only get to call home on Mother's day, maybe the church thinks having a son out on a mission is harder for moms, probably true.

This week hasn't been the most productive. My comp was sick a few days, and so there isn’t much to report on. 

With having to stay home, I have really enjoyed being able to focus a little more heavily on my studies. On Thursday, I was in the middle of Mosiah, and by Saturday I'd finished the Book of Mormon again. I felt a little like Kolipoki from ‘The Other Side of Heaven' when he went into a 3-day trance of reading the scriptures in English and Tongan to learn the language. I was in the salon studying practically every free minute.

I have definitely found a deeper appreciation of the Book of Mormon. I have also followed the counsel of President Morin and started keeping a journal just for my studies--to keep notes of any thoughts, feelings, or impressions I receive while studying. It helps me to dive deeper into gospel doctrines and principles, and to retain the things I learn and feel. I used this method as I read Mosiah through Moroni this week, and found a lot of new things that I hadn’t noticed before. I really enjoy studying so much more now—an hour a day doesn’t really do it for me anymore!

President Morin's son and his daughter in law are visiting for a month and came to church with us this Sunday. They are a cute couple, with very thick Quebecois accents like the President's wife. It takes me some time to adjust to different accents--I've gotten so used to hearing French the way the Africans here speak. 

Anyways, no big news, I’m going to try to send photos.

Have a great week!
Elder Walls

PS Yes, Mom, I am feeling thin as well, but I think I've stopped losing weight. We eat pretty well now. I plan on binge eating when I get home, so I will gain back some weight!

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