Monday, July 20, 2015


Our District wearing our boombas!
Boombas are pretty popular here and fun to have made.
You find fabric you like and then take it to a tailor who will custom make them for you. 

Dear Family,

Another week has gone by, seems like the weeks are just rolling by. Some highlights from this week: 

The week before last, we had the opportunity to be judges at an English competition (I think I wrote about it last week). It was fun, and we added a little "star quality," by being white. While we were there we reconnected with one of our former investigators, Jose. He studies English and wants to be a teacher one day. While he came to church frequently, we weren't sure how serious he was at learning about the gospel. It seemed he liked coming because he viewed it as an American church and not like the other run-of-the-mill African churches that you find on every corner. At any rate, we reconnected with him over the week. He really seems genuinely interested in the message this time around.  We managed to set a baptismal date with him! I’m hoping he pulls through--I would love to baptize him because he is such a great guy. 

One of our members was rebaptized during the week. She told us she was baptized before our branch was organized. However, there is no record of that taking place. And she could not remember the names of the missionaries or the witnesses. So, we had to redo the ordinance. 

One of my good friends in the ward, Arafat, a Ghanaian who was baptized about a year ago received the Melchizedek Priesthood. He is such a great member! He is so honest and hard working. He cried during the ordination, which was pretty touching. In my whole time here, I have only seen an African cry maybe 3 times. 

Aside from that, things are going well, I am studying quite a bit, and we've managed to get some work done too, I’m constantly hoping that we can help our investigators to get to where they need to be.

Mom you asked if our mission had any special traditions for hitting the 1-year mark. I think in most missions, burning a worn out shirt is pretty standard. Not so much here--there are so many people who would gladly take it off your hands, that it seems like it would be such a waste. I am considering burning my microfiber towel--it smells pretty bad and has some moldy spots. I swear nothing here is safe from mold, NOTHING! I have to wash it out often or else our room starts smelling. I love the microfiber towel, it has been great, but it does stink! Thankfully, I have only used one of the towels I brought, with the plan of using the 2nd one when I got to the 1-year point. I will definitely be more careful with the 2nd towel and make sure to hang it up in airy places. 

I’ve got some photos to send through: A few are old, from a week ago with the English event, and the Python temple, a few of some investigators, and also of cool souvenirs that I had made. I’m thinking I could also have some made for you guys before coming back.

Love you all. See you a year (approximately!!), 
Elder Walls

Love how this Scripture case turned out!
The whole project was only $5-6, and that is with fabric and labor.

Jose at the English competition.
Each contestant had to read from a script (the script itself had lots of errors so it made judging difficult)

The competition featured a humorous skit written by some of the students. The plot was about an abusive professor who carries a long stick. A good portion of the skit was the professor jumping on tables and smacking things. In the end, an inspector came and found the professor asleep on the job, holding the stick. The professor was fired and everyone cheered!

Our District at the Temple of Pythons
(L-R Elders Walls, Legbanon, Marurai, Ribera)

These children are all part of an extended family.
They were super excited to meet white people. Super cute family!

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