Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Flies on Wings of Lightning

Dear Family,

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I am singing to you from out here in the jungle and I might try to find something cake-like to celebrate with too :)

There is not really much to report this week. Everything is well and we are working hard. We did 26 lessons, plus zone leader errands this past week. (For comparison, while in Novo we might get like 8 lessons a week.)  We are focusing on just asking for contacts from anyone and everyone. And when we teach the first lesson, we are inviting everyone to be baptized. This approach is working really well. We are finding lots of new amis and getting a lot of baptismal dates set.

One of my favorite new amis is E--, who is 17, and very excited about the lessons. We are hoping to baptize him on the 28th along with one of the contacts he gave us, T--. E is funny and always has a big smile on his face. When we first ran into him, we didn't think he would be very interested in listening to us (he seemed much younger than 17). So we just gave him a brochure on chastity (which we give to a lot of the youth). The next time we saw him, he was super excited, saying how great everything was, and we were able to sit down and teach him. 

We're finding new members that are willing to work with us as well, so we are able to teach people in their native language.

Elder T and Elder A hit their one-year mark this week. We made sure to celebrate with grilled chicken (which is a pretty big deal---we usually have to boil all of our meats).

We went to Tokpa, the huge market of Cotonou, today to get our groceries in bulk for the month. I also picked up a muslim prayer mat--not for praying, but for sitting on. We don’t have couches in our apartment, so its nice having a mat.

That’s pretty much it. It's been a great week. Nothing really crazy happened which is nice. And the time is flying by!

I love you guys,

Elder Walls

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