Monday, February 29, 2016

Life in Afrika

Hey Guys

Thanks for getting my housing situation figured out and for sending me photos of the place. Good job, I am giving you two thumbs up from behind my computer screen here in Africa! I do appreciate all you are doing to help my transition back to college go smoothly. 

We have had a good week here in Benin. I did a split with a companionship on Tuesday. We did a lot of street contacting since they don't have a lot of investigators. I will probably come back and help them again. 

In other news, we had our District Leader meeting on Thursday which was productive. President has set the goal for us to find 7 new amis each week, and to send in 50 new contacts into the office before the creation of the new stake. The plan is to send out a giant group text invitation. We are all working hard to see that happen. 

We had a GREAT Sunday at church! So many of our amis showed up that we had to share seats in Sunday School! (Isn't that great?) 

We came home from church to find our landlord trying to clean the outdoor landing. She was screaming curses at us because it was dusty. She barged into our apartment and howled about every dusty thing she saw. Then she noticed our couch cushions on the floor--they were on the floor because we've had so many power outages at night, that we sleep on the balcony to keep cool. At any rate, she started complaining that we had ruined her cushions and was going on and on. It took her several minutes to remember the cushions (and the couch) don't belong to her! She is a character.

We are doing our best to help our amis and our converts. It is always fun. We are hoping the rainy season starts soon--it has been sooo hot lately. Anyways, that's life on my side of the globe.

Love you, 

Elder Walls

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