Monday, April 4, 2016

Back to Normal

Hey Guys!

I suppose the last few weeks I have been so focused on my health, that I have done a poor job of filling you in on the details of life here in Africa. I will try to be more specific about my week. 

So this week we had interviews with President Morin, which I really enjoyed. This time, he focused the interviews on the gospel and asked everyone to share an event from the life of Christ that we found touching. I chose Luke 7:36 - thru the end of the chapter. Jesus was being hosted at the house of a Pharisee who scoffed as Jesus allowed his feet to be washed by a sinner. Jesus gave the analogy of two debtors--one owing 50 pence and the other, 500. Both debtors were frankly forgiven, even though they could not repay their debts. Christ then asked which of the two had more reason to love the man who forgave their debts. The Pharisee answered, the man who owed more. Though the Pharisee was most likely very obedient to the laws of Moses, he completely lacked the most important of qualities.

We are teaching a cool new ami named, Romaric. He works at the Center of Arts, which is a large campus of artists that was created by a French art enthusiast. We taught him the first lesson is his studio surrounded by paint and half-done pieces. We are also trying to work with an ami named Frank.

Really good news, we got Cecile and Josephine married!!! It’s very exciting! It’s taken so very, very, very long but it finally worked out. They got married this morning, the paperwork is done, so it's all official---the baptism should be Saturday. I’m very excited, they are both two of my favorite amis, and they’ve worked very hard to get this far. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the ceremony as it took place out of my zone.  It's not a big deal---I’m just happy that it is all figured out. More details should come soon.

That’s about it, lots of good things happening. We're getting close to stake creation, so that exciting as well, great way to finish things off here.

Thanks for everything you’ve done to get all of the arrangements for BYU taken care of. There is one more thing I need you to check on--I sent in the application for marching band and gave them your email. They said that they would send a confirmation email letting you know that they got it. Could you check on that for me?

Love you all, 
Elder Walls

Photos from the wedding of Joseph and Cecile

Joseph signing the papers

Exchanging rings 
The wedding guests

Joseph and Cecile with their marriage certificate
Joseph and Cecile with Brigitte and Roland, another couple that were recently married

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