Monday, April 18, 2016

In Joy!

Dear Family, 

Sounds like everything is going well back home. I am glad to hear that mom is recovering from her surgery. I am also glad that you guys are staying put for now, and I'll be able to give my homecoming talk in my home ward! And that is great about Nate's Eagle ceremony! 

I don’t have too much news for this week. Normally we would have had transfer calls this past Saturday, however, the assistants and the president decided it would be easier to do transfers next week, after Stake Conference. That way everyone who has been working in this area can be present for the creation of the new stake. 

This past week, I got the chance to spend a day working with Elder Marie, a missionary in training from France. He is in my former sector, Cococodji and is doing really well. I enjoyed working with him. We were surprised to learn that one of his amis is the recipient of multiple Nobel Prizes in economy. Elder Marie told me he was very smart, but we had no idea exactly how smart he was. He has written several books and accomplished all sorts of things in his life--though you would't know it to look at him. He lives just as humbly as the other Beninois. 

Also got to go on a split with Elder Pellevoizin for the day. Since we live in the same apartment, we know each other and each other's amis fairly well. We still had fun. In the evening we were able to accompany a couple who are preparing for baptism to President Morin's office for their baptismal interviews. When they finished, President asked the couple how they would be going home (trying to figure out if they needed transport money for a cab or a moto taxi, etc.). They responded, "In joy!" Elder Pellevoizin and I laughed at the misunderstanding, but it was great to see how happy they were to be that much closer to baptism. 

Then on Saturday, and I went with my comp to visit Menontin, for a baptismal service for one of his former amis. It was good to see the missionaries there--they aren't in our zone so we rarely get to see them. 

Cecile (as in the Cecile and Joseph that were just married and baptized) gave her first talk during church! She chose her own topic, "Having a happy marriage." She did a great job! I believe Joseph will be giving a talk soon as well. They are such a great family.

I’m excited to give you all the details on the creation of the new stake, and Elder Stanfill's visit, so stayed tuned for next week.

In Joy!

Elder Walls

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