Monday, January 26, 2015

Not Much to Write Home About


Hey guys, 

Great to hear from you both. Excited to hear that Dad is getting braces, that will be interesting. This week we have stayed pretty busy, going from lesson to lesson. Our key indicators for the week are higher than normal, but of course that means that I have been tired too. 
With our amis, MJ is sadly becoming a little less progressive as she realizes that were not going to be able to baptize her until her marriage situation is resolved. Hopefully we can turn that around and keep her coming to church and progressing, even if the baptism will have to wait.

After our 4 baptisms last week, we are starting to work with their friends and family. We will see how that goes (not that I am counting but I have had 10 baptisms so far).
No excorisms this week, however our grandmother with the child whom she was convinced was possessed by a demon did not show up to church and no one has heard from her. Perhaps we should send someone over to see if everything is still alright.

The work is going well. I am still with Rich, Konan, Ribera, Mayamba, and Barnes. The big news is Barnes and I are no longer sleeping in the living room. We now have a room. Usually missionaries have a room to sleep in and a room for study. One of the missionary couples suggested Peterson and Mayamba give up their study room for us. So now we are crammed in a very small room with no desk or cabinet space to put anything. I have been living out of my suitcase for 7 or 8 weeks now. I guess the living room did have the advantage of having a little more space. 

Also Barnes is doing well, no sickness. We are still working on his French--it will come with time though.

Love you,
Elder Walls

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