Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Week


Hey guys, 

I am always great to hear from you. And I am excited to hear that a package is on the way! 

This week has been pretty eventful. I usually keep notes in my planner about things that happen throughout the week to help me remember it all when I get to the cyber, but this week I think I left it at home accidently. I will see what I can remember. 

One interesting story. We found some culinary students here and they expressed interest in taking our lessons, but they said that first we would have to ask permission from their head chef. So they ushered us into the complex and led us to this giant 'Gordon Ramsey-esque' black guy who was sitting on a motorcycle. Then the students were just like "OK go for it" and they averted their eyes not wanting to make eye-contact with the guy. We started talking to him and he cut us off, and then asked us in English if we were American. We said "yes," and then he said that he was basically American too. He then led us into his office and we talked for probably half an hour about how he had been the head chef at some Hotel for 11 years in Indiana, and how he could speak 7 different languages. He seems like a really cool guy. Then he told us that it was pizza day at the school, and asked us if we would want to try some. Of course, my companion and I acted like extremely polite and mature missionaries, saying "Oh sure, if you'd like us to try some, we would love too." But when he left to go get it, we both freaked out a little. That was the first time in 6 months I've had pizza and it was AMAZING! But anyways, we can start teaching his students and we will see if he is ever interested as well. 

Another funny story. We were teaching one of our newer amis, and we showed him a photo from one of the brochures of Jesus being baptized. Our ami got very confused about how we did baptism, because he saw John raising his hand to the square and assumed the he was about to slap Jesus. He was confused because that that was nothing like the baptism that he knew. We tried our best to explain baptism to him, but he still wasn't so sure that he wouldn't be slapped if we were to baptize him.  

Also, we had to visit the Bureau this week, and on the way our Taxi ran out of gas right in the middle of one the busiest roundabouts in Cadjehoun. We just slowly rolled through the roundabout while everyone honked and screamed at us. 

We have a few amis progressing towards baptism, slowly but surely. 

It's really great to hear from you again, I really hope you all continue to be well.

Love, Elder Walls

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