Monday, February 16, 2015

Will Try to Send Some Warm Weather Your Way

Hey guys,

It's great to hear how you all have been doing, Although I am having trouble believing that it's still so cold over on your side of the world. Hopefully, Spring will come soon for you guys. Right now we're stuck in the hottest season of the year. January and February are scorching, but I am getting more and more used to the heat everyday. I welcome being drenched in sweat now because it makes everything feel so much cooler as it evaporates off. And with the wind, it sometimes feels like you are at the beach. We are almost back into the rainy season, which I am looking forward to because it cools everything down. And I've always liked the rain. The storms here can be pretty impressive!

We had an interesting week. A bird pooped on one of my shirts that I dried outside, and I have spent most of the week bleaching and bleaching and scrubbing trying to get these two brown stains out of my shirt (it finally came out so don't worry!). But I had to wear a dirty shirt on Sunday because of the whole ordeal. And one of the sisters in the branch was not very happy with me!

We have started having a lot of fun with our laundry. Scrubbing your clothes can get kind of mundane. However, once we realized that we all really missed swimming and water-parks we decided to start dumping full basins of water over each other while laundry is getting done. It makes for a much more refreshing P-Day!

Be warned--I am going to have to spend a few days at the pool or Dorney's water park or somewhere when I get home. It felt so good to be drenched with water. 

In other news, Ribera and Mayamba had a few baptisms the other day. To get to the pool where we perform the baptisms, the missionaries have to take a car taxi and then we have to find moto (motorcycle) taxis for our members who want to come. But some of our members decided to jump into the car with us, and no kidding, we literally had 13 people in the 5 seater taxi! That was the most cramped I have ever been--we even had missionaries riding in the trunk. Holy cow, transport here is crazy. During church yesterday I saw a moto (again, this is a motorcycle) go by with the driver, a married couple and 6 of their little kids.

In other other news, we had a new investigator start coming to church
named Ronald, he's a good guy who was raised Catholic and is about 22
now. He enjoyed church, even with all of the strange things that seem to happen. There's never really been a Sunday where something doesn't go awry, but I guess thats what makes Benin fun. 

Everything is going well. We are finding a lot of new people and we've got several amis who are close to baptism. I am actually hoping that I can just stay here in Porto and finish some of the things that we have started.

Hope you all continue to do well. I am enjoying myself (even though I have pretty much had constant diarrhea since Christmas). I am looking forward to one day enjoying some of that freezing weather you guys are having.

Elder Walls

PS By the way, I still haven't gotten the package. It is at the Mission Office, I just haven't been able to get it yet. Hopefully, soon!

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