Monday, April 6, 2015

Greetings from Tokpota!


Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine back home; and that you’re having fun together. That Cinderella film must have been really well done from what I’m hearing about it. That is funny about Dad!

I’ve had a fun week as well, working as always trying to help our amis to progress, but we’ve had some funny experiences as well.

One thing happened while we stopped along the side of the road to look at some shoes for my companion. We were stopped and my companion looked behind and then jumped a little, shocked. I turned to see what he was looking at, and saw a middle-aged woman walking towards us. She was completely naked except for a mosquito net that she'd wrapped around herself. I turned back quickly, even here in Africa that’s not something you see often—people generally make an effort to keep themselves covered at least while they’re out in public. She passed us, but stopped midstride and then turned back and walked back in the direction that she came from. I thought she was gone, but then my comp whispered in his broken English "She behind you." I tensed up, I didn’t want to turn around, I asked my comp to turn his head towards me so I could see my reflection in his sunglasses. He did, and I saw that she was literally right behind me--staring right at me. It was like a horror film—you know when they look away and then look back into the mirror only to see the monster is right behind them. We kept ignoring her and she finally walked away.

Interviews with President were on Wednesday. Then Friday we walked to the new apartment to finalize some papers and what not. Saturday the Assistants came to help us move our beds and a few things over to Tokpota. Since Saturday, we’ve been in the new apartment. And holy cow! It is nice! I feel like I am sleeping in a museum. It is definitely an improvement than sleeping on the living room floor for 9 weeks, doing personal study on our beds and sharing 1 shower that only occasionally worked among 6 Elders. Now we have a little space to spread out, and I can even do my study at a desk!!! That shouldn’t be so exciting, but it is.

A few details about Tokpota. It is still in Porto Novo—it is about an hour away from our previous apartment. We will still have church with the Branch in PN. We are also responsible for our old amis from other sectors because they haven’t yet sent missionaries to replace us. So, whenever we teach one of our amis or go to church, we will have to walk an hour each way.

A little difficulty we have now is that we have very little in our apartment. No fridge, no grill, no couches, no water filters, etc etc. We literally just have our beds some desks and closet space. We will have to buy everything that we eat (hopefully not for too long).

The sector seems nice though. People here are a little better of than other areas. It seems like most have cars or personal motos, and nicer homes. Hopefully, that will translate into people who can make the voyage to church. Also, it seems like there are more Christians here.

I have no idea when or if Ill get to see General Conference. The DVD takes time to get sent to us, and we don’t have a TV in our branch. Our Sunday was normal; I finally got officially called as the Sunday School president, so I’ll continue teaching every week.

I hope you all continue to well, I’ll do my best to do the same.

Love you,
Elder Walls

PS Mom if you’d like to send a pillow with the Jenkins, that would be great! I would receive it gladly!!

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