Monday, March 23, 2015

Making Progress, One Day at a Time


Hey guys!

This week went by pretty fast, now I’m already back at the cyber again. It’s been a decent week. We are just keeping at the work, trying to help some of our amis in the sector to make some progress.

I’m planning on baptizing my ami, G*, this Saturday. She’s a youth (about 17 or so) and she goes to school with one of our recent converts, Annette. When we gave Annette a photo of her baptism day, she apparently brought them to school and showed a few people. And through that we found G* (this is back when Barnes was still here).  We were both fairly excited because there usually aren’t many problems with baptizing youth, as they usually don’t have the difficulties some of the older people here do with drugs or getting married. We were also excited because we could teach her with Annette. We need to teach with members present as much as possible. It is difficult to do so here because the members don’t have good transportation, and there aren’t as many members here.

G*'s Aunt (her guardian) doesn’t really like her coming to church. She thinks some of the youth in the church don’t respect their parents (a lot of parents here say that—they treat the youth like slaves, and the second the youth resist, the parents say they are possessed by the devil). So, her aunt had forbidden her to come to church, but we have been talking with her (which is difficult because she doesn’t speak French). And for now, she is allowing G* to come to church again. So, her baptism is planned for this Saturday.

With Cyrille we might have to wait a little longer. His schedule changes and he is busy, so it is hard to teach him. I am sure he will get baptized, it will just take some time. (I really hope I am still here when that happens, because I really like him.)

We did some deep cleaning today in the kitchen and found a huge pile of maggots behind our shelves and in the fridge. We sprayed them all with hand sanitizer and then lit them all on fire. It proved to be pretty effective.

Things are going well, all in all. We have interviews with President this week, so we will see how everything goes with that. I think he is getting pretty frustrated with the levels of disobedience, and some of the crazy things the missionaries do here (which I understand completely, because it frustrates me too). We’ve had a few incidents lately, and some of the missionaries might be sent home.

But everything is going well. I am making progress everyday and seeing others do the same. We’ll see how long I stay here—I just hope that I can be here to see my amis take the plunge. You grow so close to your amis and you want to see them take that important step of baptism.

Anyways, I hope you both have a good week without too much stress.

Elder Walls

PS With the sandals, I might be able to find some here, but not in my sector. And definitely not the quality like you’d find at home. I like the ones I came with, but they didn’t last long. So, if you want to look for something better, go for it. Dressy-ness doesn’t really matter as long as it is closed toe.

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