Monday, June 8, 2015

The Church is Growing


The space bar is sticking pretty bad today, sorry for the poor grammar.

There is not much to write about for this week. We have had to stay in a couple of days with sickness. Plus we’ve had pretty heavy rain, and we had to go to Cotonou twice in the week to take care of our visas.

Our ami, Saurel, should be getting baptized soon. Originally it was planned for the 13th but he wants to push it back to the 20th, which is fine. We also have our newer ami, Sitou, who has started coming to church and is scheduled to be baptized on the 27th. I don’t remember if I’ve told you about him or not, but has really accepted our message. He also has an interesting health problem. He was having throat pains and went to a traditional doctor here, and they gave him some rocks to swallow to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, he started choking on them, and after passing them; his throat closed up, and has been swollen ever since. Now he has trouble eating and drinking. 

In other news, my convert, Annette (the one who nearly drowned before her baptism), is moving back to Adja to stay with her parents for the summer vacation. I'm a little concerned because there is no church in that area right now. I have some contact information for her and I’ve informed our RS president about her. I am sure she will be fine.

Things are going well, the church is growing. The are adding a baptismal font to our building! Currently, they are tearing down walls. And everything is being painted purple—kind of an interesting choice for a church, but I guess there are no rules against it. It will be nice to have our own baptismal font--we won't have to travel to another area to rent out a swimming pool. 

Not much else to report. Miss you all and hope you’re doing well.

Love you,
Elder Walls

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