Monday, December 14, 2015

There's a Mouse in the House!

Dear Family,

I got the package from the distribution center. Thanks! That will really help me with playing the piano for Sacrament meetings. I believe all the songs we sing are in there.

Time is flying by really fast. This time next month I’ll hit the last 6 month mark, I remember hitting the first 6 month mark and celebrating with a very expensive pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I’ll have to find another pint for this time as well. It's weird, but I still feel brand new in some ways here. 

I’m very excited to get to call home for Christmas, then before you know it it will be Mother’s Day (get to call home again) and then it will be July! 

So this week started with a BBQ to celebrate Elder M going home. Things didn't go exactly as planned. That day, we did a split where I worked with Elder P, and Elder M went with Elder T to visit his old sectors. He accidentally took the apartment key with him. So when Elder P and I got home, we couldn't get into our apartment, and into the kitchen where the chicken was marinating. They didn't get back until much later. So we didn't get to eat until pretty late. 

Elder F, my new trainee, arrived this week. He’s a very solid kid. Mentally and physically. He’s about 6'5'' and his dad was the mission president of the Chicago mission while he was still in high school. So he grew up in a very missionary work based environment, and is fairly well prepared to be a missionary---though you can only prepare so much for the things you will encounter in Africa. He will learn French soon enough. He studied Spanish in high school, so he doesn’t have much of a background in it, but he’s learning quickly.

My recent convert, J--, just got the Priesthood. And E-- should soon as well. They both are awesome. They work with the missionaries quite often, which really helps us in the work. It is quite helpful because they speak the local tribal language, Fon, and can translate for us. 

Not much else to report on. Life is good. 

I’ve been trying to watch General Conference this past week in English---borrowing DVDs from our branch president I tried to watch the Sunday morning session and was really enjoying Elder Renlund’s testimony when the DVD stopped. I took it out to find it was scratched---not sure how. I need to fix it so that the rest of the branch can watch Conference next month. I tried using toothpaste (I heard that works), but that didn't do anything. Any ideas? 

I’m also hunting a mouse!!! I’ve seen him maybe three times around the apartment. He’s super fast and good at hiding Wish me luck with that.

Have a good week, love you!

Elder Walls

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