Monday, January 18, 2016

Our Amis (investigators)

Dear Family,

Life is great here. I am kind of crunched for time because I spent quite awhile trying to figure out how to do my ecclesiastical endorsement for BYU---so I’ll just tell about some of our amis.

Great guy! He is an older man who has lost most of his family. We found him quite by coincidence. We wanted to teach his neighbor who wasn’t there and B-- just happened to be there and was ready to be taught. He is very poor and walks all the way to church. It just goes to show you what great faith he has that he is willing to walk so far in the heat to come to church--he shows up every time, sweaty, but he is there. He has also completely stopped drinking alcohol, and is helping his friends to do the same. He should be baptized Feb 6th.

Another great guy in his twenties. He is very nice. His brother is a member, which really helps for him to have an example to follow. He does a great job studying all the brochures we have given him, and the Book of Mormon. He always has very specific questions like, "Who is Ammoron," or "Where is Zarahemla," which shows he is really thinking as he reads. He should be baptized on Feb. 26th.

We found Re-- through our English class. He comes with his two friends. He is a very interesting guy. He apparently was studying religion with a German for 4 years until this man died. Re-- thought we were the same church at first, but is starting to see the differences between us and other churches. 

Our squatter ami whose husband left her with 3 kids. She found a new home that her brother is helping her to finance. Right now, her circumstances are so dire that she is more focused on money than the gospel. We have tried to help her and told her about some of the programs the church has, but she has to meet with the Branch president about that. She hasn't come to church yet, and isn't planning on doing so. I am not sure what will happen with her and her family. 

He is the brother of a member. Awhile back he was so close to getting baptized, but then he he suddenly stopped coming to church for some reason. We have started reteaching him the lessons, and he came to church on Sunday!

C and J --
This couple has been investigating the church since I started my mission. Marriage is such an expensive step for most people here, and unfortunately, not being able to get married ends up keeping many folks from being able to be baptized. I am happy to report that we finally got C's birth certificate, so the next step is marriage! I am really hoping I am here for it.

I love teaching people here--there are lots of good people. One interesting story from this week: We were eating at a nice outdoor restaurant here, when all of a sudden the lights dimmed and the music came on the loud speakers. Then a little person came out and started dancing for about 20 minutes. He was pretty talented, and it was a great show. 

Loving the work, can't believe I am hitting the only-6-months-to-go mark on Wednesday. I will celebrate with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

Love you!!

Elder Walls

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