Monday, January 25, 2016

Mechanics and Tacos

Tacos! We finally had some time to use the taco makings you sent in the Christmas package--yum!!
Dear Family,

Sounds like you guys are enjoying the winter weather.--that is quite the impressive snowfall. I’m happy, because the dusty Harmattan season is finally over, so it’s starting to feel a little more humid now which I like.

This week hasn’t been too eventful. We continue doing our work and trying to have fun along the way. I did splits at the University District which was fun. I got to help motivate one missionary to get out of bed and get to work. Sadly, that is sometimes a problem here.     Overall, the splits went well. We had one fun experience. We were trying to find someone who would let us into their home to teach them, and the weather looked like it was about to let loose with rain. We kept running into people who said they were too busy to talk to us. We finally found someone who would let us in, claiming he could only talk for 5 minutes because he had to leave to go somewhere. As soon as we sat down with him, it started pouring. We ended up getting to spend an hour with him (he wasn’t going anywhere in the rain!). And he ended up accepting a baptismal date. As soon as we closed the lesson, the rain stopped. 

Our amis are still doing well, especially Ro--.

We made tacos this week which were great. Thanks again for the fixings to make them.

Saturday was kind of a wash. We spent the morning teaching, and then stopped at a restaurant where we had pre-ordered lunch at noon. They made us wait an hour before serving us. We took the food home and ate with the AP’s. Then we got a call from a mechanic who said he was coming by to install smoke detectors. I suggested he come at 8:00 pm, but he said that would be too late for him, and told us to be at the church around 3:30 or 4:00. We were there at that time, and waited forever for him. Unfortunately, we didn’t have his phone number since he had called us on a different phone than the one we had with us. We called around and finally got a hold of him (this was at 4:30), and he then told us it would be 6:00 before he could be there. So, that left us with an hour and a half to teach, but the person we were planning on teaching was an hour’s walk away (each way), so we had to reschedule that appointment. We decided to walk to another ami and see if we could teach him (he doesn’t have a phone for us to call ahead). He wasn’t home, and by that time we had just enough time to walk back to the church to meet the mechanic. We got to the church and waited, and waited. We called him again, and he said it would be 30 minutes. We finally decided to just go back to our apartment and wait for him to call us when he got there. He finally called at 8:00 pm (hmmm, wasn’t this the time I originally proposed??), and we walked over to meet him. Only he wasn’t there! Finally, after 30 more minutes of waiting, he showed up and took literally like 2 minutes to install the smoke detector! We still greeted him with a smile :)

Well that is about it for the week. Oh, I almost forgot, I was asked at the last minute to teach Sunday School as our ward mission leader had a problem and wasn’t able to teach. Needless to say, this P-day has been so relaxing!

I am happy, life is good, and the time if flying by—I can’ believe I have less than 6 months to go.

Have a great week

Elder Walls

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