Monday, May 23, 2016

Planning Transfers

Dear Family, 

So this Sunday was really busy--on top of the usual office work we do, we planned the upcoming transfers which was a really neat experience. It was interesting to see how the transfers are decided. President described it as, "A lot of sweat, and a little inspiration," which kind of describes it right (the saying rhymes in French). 

I am relieved to see that I will not have to train a new assistant before leaving here, but instead will be staying with Elder Pellevoizin through the end of my mission. This means I won't have to do as much of the driving, which is nice--the traffic here is crazy!

This week, I got to do a split in Porto Novo, which was lots of fun. I got to see familiar faces and sites. It is interesting to see how much has changed, yet also how much has stayed the same. They now have 2 missionary apartments there and 3 companionships (instead of only 2 companionships living in 1 apartment). I was also happy to hear that one of my former amis was finally baptized! Do you remember G--? She was the young woman who wanted to be baptized, but couldn't get her aunt's permission. It is so cool to see that little seed finally begin to grow. I also did a split with Elder Kincaid who was in my former sector, and that was great as well. 

We had a great lesson with our new Nigerian investigators. When we stopped by their home this week there were 8 people ready to listen to our lesson. We were really excited, and hoped they would all be able to make it out to church (we even planned a special Sunday School class to be held in English). However, it started raining just before 9:00 am, so a lot of investigators and members were not able to make it to church. Four of the Nigerians did come though, and we hope to be able to see all of them in the coming weeks.

Last P-day I was able to go out and buy the tissue (fabric) for the family outfits. I might send a picture laster with the different colors. I hope everyone likes what I picked for them! It ended up costing $50 for all the tissue, so don't be surprised if you see me pulling more cash out of my account to cover the other souvenirs I want to purchase. 

I am doing well, no complaints. I have had a little cough the last 2-3 days, but aside from that I am fine. Oh, and good news! I made it back into my spot on the drum line for the Fall--super excited for that! 

Love you guys!

Elder Walls

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