Sunday, May 29, 2016

Life on My Side of the Globe

Dear Family,

So, this week has been kind of quiet, which I have to say has been kind of nice. We were able to spend several days out in the sector which was also great for a change. 

We had a few baptisms:
The first service was for Paul and Beatrice, two amis from my old sector. I was really happy to see them getting baptized, especially for Paul. He lives in such poor conditions and he had such a bad drinking problem when we first met him that I never thought he would be able to drop it. But after 5 months, he was ready for baptism! 

Photos from the Baptismal Service for Paul and Beatrice

We also baptized Mariath. She is a great ami. She is a single mother. The father of her child had wanted to sacrifice their baby right after he was born. Kind of crazy, but you see and hear of all kinds of things here in Africa. The little boy is so cute, thankfully, she didn't go along with that!

Photos from the Baptism of Mariath

We were also able to see General Conference! I had already read through all the talks in English (thanks for putting those in my birthday package!). It was great to be able to watch Conference as well. I really liked President Uchtdorf's talk, and Sister Oscarson's talk. 

Watching General Conference
Sustaining the Prophet and Other Church Leaders
We are busy taking care of transfers. One of our responsibilities is to drive the missionaries around to their new assignments. I will probably be making multiple trips to Togo and back this week, so I am getting ready for a lot of road. 

I am doing well. Getting over my cough--I was able to get some cough syrup and cough drops that seem to be helping. 

Love you guys a lot. Have a good week!

Elder Walls
Chilling' at a mangez-vous after baptismal service
Post baptism mangez-vous
Post baptism mangez-vous
Caught Elder K-- catching a few zzz's during Conference (teehee!)
#Selfie! Not exactly sure what the thing in my mouth is called , but it is edible

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