Sunday, June 5, 2016

Togo, Togo and More Togo

Baptism for Ge-- and No--
Dear Family,

It is always great to hear from you. It is crazy seeing my flight plans finalized--it makes the end seem all the more. I think we only have 5 more weekly emails. Crazy, right?

This week has been super busy with lots of trips back and forth to Togo and back. 

Monday, we went to the border and picked up the sister missionaries who are going home. We drove them to the mission office and waited for them to finish their final interviews.

Tuesday, we went to the border again to pick up Elders Epperonnier and Ranaivosoa and drove them all the way to Porto Novo, where they will be working.

Wednesday, we got to work in the sector, as well as part of Thursday. We also spent part of Thursday in the office, finalizing the transfer information on the computers for President Morin. And we picked up the newly arriving missionaries and brought them back to our apartment to spend the night. 

Friday, we drove the new missionaries to Lome (which is beyond the border), where we dropped them off. We then did a split with the Elders of Hedzranawoé. I worked with Elders Roundy and Kayakez. 

We spent night with Elder Jorgensen at Kelegougan (always great to see that guy--can't believe how fast the time has gone by since we were in the MTC together!), and then drove back home with Elder Gonzalez, who will be working in Benin now. Before leaving I got to see Elder Barnes (do you remember he is the one I trained in Porto Novo?) I always love getting to see him. He is doing great and will finish just a few months after me. We got home, driving Elder Gonzalez with us, and went straight to our baptismal service for Norbert and Geneviève. 

Geneviève is a friend from my former sector. Elder Mayamba and I found and taught her. Well, actually she found us. She stopped us on the road and said that she had brothers and sisters in the church (in other branches) and that she was interested in hearing about the church. Her conversion was pretty quick. 

Norbert is in my current sector. My comp, Elder Pellevoizin, started teaching him a while back. Norbert is a really solid guy and will be a great convert and will really help the Branch here. 

In church today, it was so great to see Geneviève, Norbert, Paul, Beatrice, and Mariath all be confirmed. I have worked closely with all of them and it brings me such joy to see them participate in their first gospel ordinances. 

I love this work! I am doing my best to finish strong. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. I am praying for you, as well, and hope things continue to go well for you.

Love you all!

Elder Walls

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