Monday, February 1, 2016

Her name shall be . . . Abigail

Hey guys!

Glad to hear you’re alive and well. I am also doing well. 

Elder F and I get along super great, which makes going out and working together easy. Transfers happened this week--Elder T is being replaced by Elder M, who is one of my old zone leaders and I really like him a lot. It will be fun to have him in our apartment. Elder F and I will be together another 5 weeks, after that, who knows. 

Elder F and I are doing our best to find some new investigators because we have had some people fall through in the last couple of weeks. One guy seemed more interested in teaching us--he seriously would talk for 45 minutes straight without taking a breath or letting us talk. Other folks seem only interested in a church that will provide them with food. 

We still have some great amis. I love being able to teach them the gospel. We spent 3 hours yesterday with F-- and G--. They are some of my favorite amis. In Preach My Gospel, they recommend you don't spend more than 45 minutes teaching, but well, uh, it was a pretty great lesson!

Sad news is that our ami, B--, has a "wife" living in Togo that he is still together with. The sad part is that, as I have mentioned before, getting married here takes a lot of money, money which B-- doesn't have. So, it will take more time for him to be baptized than we originally planned. Hopefully, he stays motivated and continues to come to church. 

Did I tell you that last week I got to name a baby? The mother said she wanted a biblical name for her daughter. So I showed her Abigail, and she liked it. Although, the verse I showed her said that Abigail was smart and attractive, but that her husband was basically an idiot. Let's hope she finds a better husband when the time comes to get married!

Our recent convert, J--, got his head stuck in some weird historical beliefs. He started asking some strange questions in Sunday School, and unfortunately people kind of laughed at him and gossiped a little. Not a good thing to do, especially with someone so new in the church. He missed a few Sundays, but we've been able to get him coming back to church. 

We’re having fun and working hard. Not too many crazy stories to tell--I think I've experienced most everything here already, so there really aren't any new stories to tell. I will just sum things up how the Nephites would summarize several years of their records, by saying we are living righteously and happily. 

Life is good!

Love You,

Elder Walls

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